Measurement Fixtures

Measurement Fixtures for Cast | Forged and Welded Workpieces

Workpieces from the area of casting, forging and welding:
  • frequently integrate many functions,
  • are complex in their geometrical design,
  • are produced in large numbers and
  • in short production cycles.

We supply measurement fixtures that are customised to your workpieces
  • for parallel and thus very rapid capturing ( measurement time=process time ) of several properties from the following areas:
    • dimensional tolerances (diameters, distances, lengths, …),
    • shape and position tolerances (position, symmetry, flatness, perpendicularity, ...),
  • manually fed / manually operated, automated (2-hand operation, light grid) or automatic (automatically loaded).
Forged workpieces (as raw pieces and machined):
  • tripods,
  • housings for tripod-type constant velocity joints,
  • slip joints and inner races,
  • Rzeppa joints,
  • special forged parts,
  • connecting rods
  • ...


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