TrueLine Measurement Technology



  • Rapid and flexible adaptation to different types of workpiece (approx. 10 minutes)
  • Close alignment of Ø measuring points without offset (8 mm, 6mm, 2 mm)
  • Measuring according to the Abbe principle
  • Simple assembly and disassembly
  • Extreme stiffness in the direction of measurement, even in the case of very small tolerances
  • Protection of the measuring probe by integrating it in the measuring element and by means of a special clamping technology
  • Increase in measuring precision

TrueLine Measuring Element

In the case of especially precise outside diameter measurements with small tolerances it is often necessary to place the measuring points very close to each other. Up until now, this was only possible using appropriately offset probe holders.
The patented REORG TrueLine measuring element enables probes to be aligned at a distance of 8 mm, 6 mm or 2 mm without offset.
The measuring precision is considerably enhanced. This type of setup means that the reproducibility of outside diameter measurements amounts to below 0.3 µm within the framework of a Measurement System Capability Study Type 1.

The TrueLine measuring elements are easy to integrate in measuring fixtures, ranging from those which are manually operated to automatic fixtures with machine tool correction.


TrueLine Modular Measurement System for Shafts and Wheels

Due to continual improvements in machining processes, the minimisation of tolerances and miniaturisation of workpieces, it is becoming increasingly difficult to create measuring devices that may be gauged.

The REORG TrueLine measuring element provides an innovative solution for tackling this problem.



  • Adherence to the Abbe principle* (up to a system distance of 6 mm or 8 mm without offset; in the case of DoubleTrueLine up to 2 mm)
  • Considerable increase in measuring precision
  • Reproducibility according to Measurement System Capability Study Type 1< 0.3µm possible
  • Use of standard probes with a diameter of 8 mm or 6 mm
  • Use of normal 8 mm spring-pushed gauging probes and/or pneumatic-pushed gauging probes is possible
  • Number of measuring points may be extended as required
  • Stable frame due to two 30 mm steel shafts at a distance of 250 mm
  • Length of the system may be adapted by selecting appropriate shafts
  • Easy assembly and disassembly of the measuring bridges by means of round clamping technology
  • In addition to the diameter measuring units, plug-in dimension measurement elements for length are available
  • Extreme stiffness in measurement direction – thus suitable even in the case of very small tolerances
  • The highest levels of probe protection due to complete enclosure in the probe holder
  • Careful and directionally stable clamping technology for the probes
  • Parallel orientation of the probe tip with fine adjustment in the measuring element
  • Adjustable guidance assistance for achieving optimum protection of the probe tip
  • Integrated probe cable holding system
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