Statistical Process Control (SPC)

Manual SPC test stations

Automatic SPC test stations

Testing stations with machine tool correction

Static and dynamic measurement
  • Using quality know-how to enhance quality
  • Reducing testing efforts
  • Electronic data capture
  • Statistical evaluation via measurement computer
  • Online evaluation at the production site (quality control chart)
  • Direct access to capability indices (C P, C PK) (also via network)
  • Continuous evaluation in the production environment
From Manual Testing to Computer-Aided Testing
The methods of statistical quality testing utilise quality know-how in order to enhance quality. This leads to a reduction in the testing efforts. The quality control chart is the classic medium for testing during the production process.

Manual use of the quality control chart
  • means additional effort for the production worker (testing is carried out by the production workers),
  • reduces the number of machines which need to be operated by the production workers,
  • is prone to error due to values being entered manually.
In order to exploit the advantages of SPC without having to accept the limitations of a manually completed control chart, additional routine tasks (e.g. logging of measurement values in the quality control chart) may be carried out via the measurement computer. The electronic capture, evaluation and storage of measurement data also prevent transmission errors.

Testing Stations with Machine Tool Correction
Statistical Measurement
Dynamic Measurement

Our Products for Your SPC Area
  • REORG PQC Nano measurement computer
  • REORG software:
    • Measurement software
    • Optional: interface (to Excel csv or Q-DAS® qs-STAT®)
    • Optional: machine tool correction
  • REORG Measurement Fixture
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