• Result of more than 25 years of development
  • Clear visualisation of the measurement results (graphical / numerical)
  • Transparent measurement process by means of operator guidance in the form of operating instructions and process information
  • Meaningful statistics for process control (control chart, histogram, C M, C MK, C P, C PK values)
  • User-friendly compilation of inspection plans, including measurement and process control
  • Simple and flexible calculation of dimensions from measurement signals
  • Comprehensive possibilities for controlling procedures
  • Special graphical displays (e.g. force-way diagram, depiction of roundness, etc.)
  • Simple set-up of the measuring facility

Flexible, Secure and Efficient
For solving measurement tasks we offer our customers an extensive software package, resulting from 25 years of development work in this area. This software consists of four components: inspection plan, visualization of measurement results, statistic evaluation as well as processing and communication with external devices.

Easy maintenance
In the division of inspection plannning inspection plans are constructed, edited and managed. The measuring program accesses the plans and works them off. The measurement can be visualized in different ways. The further processing of the results can be done in Q-DAS ® or Excel. With the help of an integrated interpreter, processes and comunication with external devices can be programmed in an easy and flexible way. A frequently used application is implementing protocols for machine tool correction, which noticeably improves process capability by correction of systematic process influences.

We provide individual training courses for our software upon request.


  • According to the methods of statistical quality testing
  • Digital I/O or Profibus
  • Interface to Q-DAS® (qs-STAT®) (REORG is an official Q-DAS® sales partner )
  • Interface to Excel (csv)
  • Others upon request
  • Creation and management of inspection plans
  • Self-explanatory input masks in tabular form
  • Online help
  • Templates and input assistants
  • Creation of complex control procedures
  • Processing and visualisation of the measurement value (bar diagram, component images)
  • Operation without a mouse directly at the production site
  • Statistical evaluation (control chart, histograms, CM, CMK, CP, CPK ) Values
  • Operating instruction on working procedure and data capture


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