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  • Individual solutions
  • Parallel measurement of several dimensions
  • Integration in automatic production facilities
  • Measuring, checking and gauging during the production cycle
  • Sorting / classifying
  • Temperature compensation
  • Machine tool correction
  • Linked marking stations
  • Automatic calibration




Competence through Experience

REORG GmbH has more than 25 years experience in the field of developing special measurement and testing facilities of various kinds. We implement solutions that are customised to your particular requirements, such as:
  • Workpiece-specific multiple-position gauging fixtures with
  • measurement computers,
  • workpiece handling and
  • measurement, evaluation, control and statistics software.

Close Customer Ties

At our site in Moenchengladbach (near Duesseldorf), we develop, produce and assemble individual quality assurance solutions for our customers' production lines. Our technical solutions together with close customer collaboration form the basis for providing individual product solutions.

Innovative and Flexible

Our experience together with the use of state-of-the-art technology guarantee high-quality products and thus customer satisfaction. Innovation and flexibility give us the leading edge, as our numerous products prove. Our goal is to provide a balanced solution when it comes to price, performance and quality.

Projects Undertaken

  • Static / dynamic measurement of shafts and wheels based on our patented TrueLine measurement technology
  • Dynamic measurement on the ball tracks of homokinetic drive joints with graphical representation on the monitor of the ball track curves
  • Determination of shape and position deviations in the case of cylinder liners and pistons
  • Functional testing on slip joints using a force-way diagram
  • Measurement of parts with very small tolerances (2µm), e.g. pistons in the unit injector pump


In our showroom, you may view a permanent exhibit of measurement facilities which have been implemented.

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