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TrueLine shaft measurement technology

Measurement of cast workpieces

Measurement of forged workpieces

Measurement of very small tolerances (+/-2 µm)

Measurement of homokinetic elements

Fixtures integrated in machine tools

Measurement Fixtures |
Measuring Machines

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We provide measurement fixtures which are customised to your particular workpieces and which enable rapid measurements (during the production cycle). Among these are measurement fixtures for
  • turned and ground parts / shafts and wheels,
  • cast, forged and welded workpieces,
  • workpieces with very small tolerances (2 µm),
  • gearbox cases and
  • special applications.


Measurement Computers / Industrial Computers

Our measurement computers consist of electronic components that work seamlessly with each other and which are assembled in completely enclosed housings with heat exchangers. This means that they may be safely used directly at the production site. Various electronic measuring devices may be connected to our measurement computers. Evaluation is carried out using our software.



The REORG software consists of the following components:
  • Measurement program
    • Processing and visualisation of the measurement results (bar diagram, component images)
    • Statistical evaluation (control behaviour, histograms, process and machine capability)
    • Control of the measurement process and operating instructions
  • Dialogue program
    • Creation and managing of inspection plans
    • Interface
    • Interface to Q-DAS® (qs-STAT®) and Excel (csv)
  • Machine tool correction
    • according to the methods of statistical quality testing
    • via digital I/O or Profibus


Competent Consultation

We would be pleased to advise you on matters relating to measurement technology and to support you with our know-how.


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